Activate your STORE online

This questionnaire is to collect the necessary data to activate the STORE module on your portal with INSCRIPCION.ONLINE. The more detailed the information you give us, the better adapted to your needs your store will be set up from the start. Anyway, once mounted you will have the possibility to modify any setting from the administrator panel.

Contact details

First product

Try to be as realistic as possible and leave us information about the first product that you will add to your shop. Once assembled, you can modify or eliminate it, but try to make it fit as closely as possible to a real case.

Another general settings

Are your products physical (clothing, mugs, etc.) or are they digital/intangible (graphic designs, insurance, etc.)?

Are you going to need to add shipping costs, or will you already include the shipping cost in the price of the products? Or maybe your product is collected only in store or local?

How do you prefer to handle VAT? You can choose not to mention any VAT to the visitor/customer, or you can enable the use of VAT functions. In this second case, do you prefer to enter the prices for products with VAT included or without VAT in the database? Anyway, the system makes the calculations to obtain the corresponding VAT.

List the data you need to collect from the customer when placing her order (shipping address, contact telephone number, tax information ...). Only what you consider necessary to complete the order and/or invoice. List the labels of each of those (Address, postal code, ...).

Approximately how many products are going to be added to your shop? If the number exceeds 20 then it is usually convenient to group them by categories to help the visitor find what they want. Then give an approximate number of the number of products, and if you have a clear first list of categories also list it.

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Formulario de contacto

Discuss your need and interest in this platform. Type of events organized, volume of registrations per month / year, etc ...

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