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Human Code Alfa

215.00 EUR


Human Code Z

215.00 EUR


The program:

🎯 Two phases: Human Code Alpha (1st and 2nd ESO) and Human Code Z (3rd and 4th ESO), so that it can be better adapted to the needs and particularities of each stage and we get to relevant aspects of their training earlier.

💫 Fewer competences, in order to work on them in greater depth. In a transversal way, three competences will be worked on throughout each course: commitment, reflection and the capacity for astonishment.

✨ Each term, one or two competences will be worked on (self-confidence, self-knowledge, emotional management, empathy, resilience...), through a challenge, an experience and a session with an expert; in such a way that a formative itinerary is created from 1st ESO to 1st Baccalaureate.


Content for associations:

🚀 We will start in September with a zoom session for parents, where we will explain the programme. Two people from FASE will participate in this session (Araceli Girón, director of the Foundation, and Gabriela Trigo, responsible for the programme).

🌏 Each course we will have a face-to-face event for all the Associations: Global Trends. Planned for Human Code Alpha in February and in April for Human Code Z.


Mentoring training:

•   Training Programme "Humanizarte para Formar". 
Five sessions throughout the course: a session with Ricardo Piñero on "People who form People"; an online session with Ana Martín Algarra on "The importance of helping to believe in oneself"; a course with Almudena Castellano on "Put words to what happens to you", a session in collaboration with Aceprensa, "Coordinates for understanding today's young people", and a session with Totón Agustina where he will talk about "Learn to Understand Yourself". We understand that mentoring in associations is based on friendship and that sometimes it can be difficult to achieve fluid conversations on some topics: we would like to provide you with resources to facilitate this.

*Ana Martín Algarra and Totón Agustina's sessions will be exclusively for mentors who are part of the Human Code programme.


👉 From FASE we will accompany you throughout the course with a quarterly follow-up with the person in charge of the programme. We will also offer you material, proposals for speakers and suggestions for experiences.


💰 The subscription price per Association is €215 (including VAT and payment can be paid in quarterly instalments). The price per participant is 75€ per year (VAT included).

This year we have decided to be eco friendly and not to print brochures, so that we can use the money to select high quality speakers.

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