General Terms and Conditions


1. General Information

The registration and participation in these activities implies acceptance of the rules of operation by the attendees.


2. Conditions of registration and admission

Registration, booking and payment can only be made from this registration portal by following the steps indicated and received at the email address requested on the registration form.

Admission to the activity is automatic, but will not be effective until payment is completed. 

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please go to the "my registrations -> my documents" panel to attach the transfer receipt.

When you make the transfer you must indicate:


Remember that you must make the payment within 24 hours after filling out the form, otherwise your registration will be cancelled and you will have to go through the registration process again.


3. Deadlines and times

Each activity will have a registration period to be subjected to to ensure possible acceptance and payment. If you do not do so within this period, participation cannot be guaranteed.

Once the places are listed as exhausted, you can register for a waiting list by sending an email to


4. Prices and cancellation

The participant has the right to cancel their attendance and request a refund of the registration amount in the following terms and conditions:

Cancellations must be reported in writing, by sending an email to:

The following registration details must be found in the mail:

-Course, full name of the assistant and contact email

-Account number (in case of payment by card)

Cancellations communicated by any other means will not be accepted.

Returns will be made by bank transfer in the name of the person who made it and to the account number from which the registration payment was made. In case of payment by card, you must include the account number in the return request email.

Cancellation fees.

Cancellations made from the time of registration up to 45 days before the course is held will be refunded for the total amount of the registration, minus 10% for administrative and price management costs without VAT.

Cancellations requested less than 45 days will not be entitled to a refund.

Substitution policy.

If the enrolled person is not able to participate in the course, it can't be replaced by another person with the designated person.

Cancellation of the course for internal reasons.

In the event that the Organization and Course Management cancels the course for justified internal reasons, the payments received for registrations will be fully refunded. No other compensation will be provided. In the case of postponement of the Course for internal reasons, a deadline will be set to make cancellations depending on the new date of the Course.

In the event that the Course Organization is forced to cancel or postpone the Course for reasons beyond its management (natural disasters, pandemics, etc.), the registrations will be kept in the same terms in the case of postponement, retaining the place in the Course. If the participant decides to cancel, the Cancellation of Attendance Policy will apply.



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