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  • Yes, from the control panel you can add and edit all the content pages you need, even illustrated with images, files to download (PDF, etc ...). Before, during and after your event.

  • Yes, you can add unlimited users and controlling the level of permissions of each of them. From just seeing but not being able to "touch anything", to make them administrators of the same level. But also users with permission to manage a specific event or even only part of the registrations that arrive. In this guide you can learn more details.

  • Yes, someone can make and pay third party registrations without any problem. A common case is that of parents enrolling their children in summer camps. Another common case is that of companies enrolling their employees in training courses.

  • When we talk about online card payments, enrollees are automatically redirected to the payment gateway that you have contracted, be it an online payment gateway from your bank or one of the intermediary gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, Openpay MX, etc. Neither the money nor the card details of your enrollees NEVER go through our page.

    We configure your registration portal at no cost to you so that it connects properly with the gateways that our platform already has integrated. If you need to use a new payment gateway, we can integrate the platform with it for a single symbolic cost of €100 EUR. Although we already handle the most common ones (Redsys, Cecabank, Stripe, PayPal, Openpay MX, etc ...).

  • Yes. Unlimited payment channels can be activated on your registration portal: by bank transfer, Stripe, PayPal, Openpay or others for online card payment, and even multiple accounts from each of these payment platforms. And then, for each event for which you want to receive registrations, you can choose the payment channels of your preference, as appropriate.

  • For each event you can design the registration form you need, with unlimited questions, of different types of response (text boxes, option buttons, drop-down lists, date picker, etc ...). Even for the same event, you can offer more than one "registration modality" with a different price, with different questions, etc ...

  • No. That is, it is not possible -by now- to build a registration form in which the user is asked certain things (or forced to do so) according to the answer to a previous question. Maybe in the future, but not yet. It is only possible to indicate which questions are mandatory and which are optional.

Service and contracting

  • After you have made the payment we will send you the link to a form where you will leave us necessary information about your first event and your organization. And within approximately 24-48 hours we will send your access credentials to the admin panel of your registration portal.

  • Short answer: yes. Long answer: the prices on our website already include taxes. In addition, we always extend invoice. Although you should know that if the tax recipient of the invoice is not in Mexico, then VAT is not applied, since it is an international invoice. Our fiscal headquarters is in Mexico.

  • No. We simply charge a fee for registration, not for payments. Why can we do that when most of our competitors don't? Simple, because the money paid by registered people never passes through our hands, since the registration website is configured so that payments are made through your Stripe account, Paypal, bank checkout (Redsys, Cecabank, ...) directly to the account of you.

    Since in this sense we do not have any contact with the financial data of you or your users, we can afford not to charge commissions to our clients for receiving payments. Obviously, it will be your bank or your checkout gateway that charges you for it.

  • We serve active customers both by email, by whatsapp or Telegram or Facebook Messenger for short messages or fast exchange of information, and by video-conference through Hangouts and / or Skype if necessary.

  • Of course yes. You can pay us with a card online from any country you are and from any currency. It is the payment gateway that performs the currency conversion. So you can use an australlian dollars card to pay us euros, no problem.

    The same happens with your registered people. Your registration portal is configured with the currency of your choice (usually that of your country), and thus the prices shown to visitors will be in that currency. When receiving online payments from your registered people, you will need to have an account with an online card payment provider (Stripe, PayPal, Openpay, Redsys, Cecabank, etc...). that let to make payments expressed with YOUR CURRENCY.

Security and reliability

  • Yes, this platform is hosted in one of the best European datacenters, in Barcelona. And our technical team monitors the performance of the server week by week, in direct contact with the hosting provider.

    The thousands of notifications sent by email work as optimally as possible through one of the largest "email relays" (Sendgrid), allowing us to optimally manage the reputation of our domain name. Only one fact: in our peak month of the year (July) more than 100k emails are sent! (2-3 emails per minute on average).

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