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Since the beginning of the development of this software (beyond 2009) we have worked closely with our clients to always respond to their exact needs. The satisfaction of our customers has always been our most satisfactory success.

For that reason, every month we are implementing improvements to the system: from small details (a direct link here or there, for example) to new tools (such as a registration marking system, for example). Certainly, between this moment in which I am writing this commercial presentation of our platform and the moment in which you are reading it there are already several changes and improvements in the platform.

Steve Jobs once said that innovation is not a matter of money but of people, and we really find the strength of our continuous innovation in close collaboration with our customers.

Key elements of our platform

  • Fully customized portal for your organization, we give you a unique address for your registrations of the type, which we will personalize with your logo and relevant contact information and with a design similar to that of your corporate website, if you have one This personalized portal can contain as many pages as you need with information of interest to your visitors.

  • Powerful administration panel, from where you will be able to customize the contents of the previous point, as well as everything related to the inscriptions to your events. Manage payments, check traffic statistics on your website, etc. It is translated into three languages (Spanish, English and Catalan).

  • Unlimited administrator users, which you will be able to add from the administration panel with two clicks, to help you manage the entire portal or just some events. The platform has a role-based system that allows you to control what each type of user can do.

  • Restricted access area for registered people, so that they can monitor their registration process: the status of the same, downloading exclusive documents for those registered for the event, managing their payments, modifying their contact information, uploading documents for review (health card, for example), history of their registration, etc. It is also an interface translated into four languages (Spanish, English, Catalan and portugese) as well as friendly with the small screens of mobile phones.

  • Flexible payment management, because we will add to your portal the payment channels that you want to use so that the registered people pay you the reservation or the total amount of the event, so that the money reaches you directly to your accounts (bank, Stripe, PayPal, etc.) and you forget the monitoring of each payment, because the platform takes care of it, updating this information in the registration table. We have an interesting guide on this topic, but you should know that you will love this functionality of the platform.

  • Comprehensive email notifications, so you don't miss anything: new incoming registrations, new payments, data modifications by those registered, etc. In addition, the platform has a series of email notifications scheduled for certain events, for example, to notify the registered people that their registration process was completed correctly, or extra instructions to the registrant when they just registered (same that you can configure from the administration panel). In addition, there is a tool to send a "mass mail" addressed to a group of registrations that you have previously filtered (unpaid, by event, etc ...).

  • Export of data in several formats, so you can take over the list of inscriptions in case you do not have access to the internet during the event or it fails. Or simply, to save the data of the registered people and process it on other platforms.

  • SSL encryption of your portal, is already something almost bound by law and a standard, to ensure that communication between the server and visitors' browsers is private and secure. But in addition, we have recently added the possibility of creating a block of confidential questions in your registration forms, whose answers are kept encrypted in the database for more privacy. And also for legal reasons, the system will offer you to eliminate those confidential responses with a single click when the event in question has ended, so that there is no trace in the database.

  • Asynchronous registration process by stages, which differentiates us from the rest of the market platforms. This point is detailed in the next section of this presentation, but in summary you should know that in our platform there are several phases that allow you to 100% control who register and how. If you prefer, the system can be configured to operate in a simpler way, speeding up the registration process in just 2 steps.

  • All of the above for the same price: €0.40 EUR per registration !!! Other platforms charge you a monthly fixed fee, while others charge you a percentage of the amount you charge your participants to the event, others charge minimums, and others charge more if you want to use "advances features". We do not, we offer everything for a single cost of euro cents. If you make few inscriptions you pay little, and if you make many inscriptions you pay more, but always proportional, because for us all our clients deserve the best service. Here you have all the information about prices.

Phases of the registration process

1 Registration form

The interested person fill the registration form in your registration portal.

2 Email validation

The system sends an email containing a link that she must visit to validate her email.

3 Acceptance of registration

You and those responsible for the event receive notification by mail of the new registration and one of you must accept that new registration.

4 DoCumentation delivery

If you configured the event to require extra documentation, the registrant will send it to you outside the platform or she can upload those documents from the Registered Zone.

5 Reservation payment

If you configured the event to require the payment of a reservation, the registrant may make that payment from the Registered Zone.

6 Total payment

If your event is paid, again from the Registered Zone the registrant will make the payment (will be taken to the payment gateway or receive the information for payment in hand).

Note: for free events and that do not need any documentation delivering, you can use a much simpler configuration in which the registrants just have to fill in the registration form and then validate their email by visiting the link that is sent to them, being automatically accepted. All these options of the registration process are highly configurable and combinable, so you can use them according to the type of event.



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Mini-guides and tutorials every month

We like to pamper our users, and for that reason we add improvements and updates to our platform every month. And we always attach these changes with publications of "step-by-step" articles illustrated with screenshots to help use the new features:



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